Axure RP 8.0新版发布 这次是正式版么?附最新版汉化包!


2016年3月31日,Axure RP 8.0又发布新版本了,对于很多期待8.0正式版的朋友来说有很大惊喜。本次更新的版本号是8.0.0.3286,这次更新不但更换了图标,连beta标志也去掉了。这枚紫色的新图标是首次发布,一改之前灰黑色的风格,简直闪瞎我的狗眼!



Axure 8.0最新汉化包下载地址>>

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Axure RP Beta Update
3/31/2016 – Bug Fixes

– Added Getting Started Tour
– Smarter animations for toggle show/hide and set state
– Nicer page previews
– Easier to select very small Widgets (less than 10px)
– Added [[widget.rotation]]
– Allow set opacity on Dynamic Panels and Groups through Ix

– Upped the file format version (on-prem should wait for admin to update server)
– Group fixes (no-op rotate, animations, hide/show, push/pull, footnotes)
– Dynamic Panel fixes (check out, pinned, outline, show sketch, show, scrollbars)
– Master fixes (hidden, repeater, showing group, break away)
– Repeater fixes (opacity, copy/paste, editing, unplaced group, selected, check out)
– Custom Shape fixes (editing, inner shadow, transparent border, round all points)
– Connector fixes (straight/curved, points, rendering, auto reflow, convert to image)
– Style fixes (duplicates, Ix, dragging preview, legacy, update/undo, typeface, paste)
– Adaptive fixes (text placement, line styles, mobile, backgrounds, table/menu/tree, Ix)
– Print fixes (guides, landscape, margins)

– Fixed opening popups with pen tablets (Wacom/Cintiq/Intuos)
– Fixed OS X 10.11 dialog focus issues causing apparent stalls
– Fixed losing styles/notes/variables when getting changes that deleted some
– Fixed expired token preventing getting Axure Share Libraries
– Fixed not including Widget OnLoad cases in Specification
– Fixed footnote rendering in Word Specification
– Fixed speech bubble and drop text locations
– Fixed Group/Dynamic Panel/Master/Repeater editing in outline
– Fixed editing Connect Pt on Images and Snapshots
– Fixed raised events remaining when break away Master
– Fixed saving local variables in Rotate action
– Fixed rotating with non center anchor moving Widget
– Fixed moving boundaries for multi animations
– Fixed bold/italic and typeface on IxStyles
– Fixed very small (1px) Widgets in HTML
– Fixed OnSelected for Trees
– Fixed Text Fields/Text Areas reset to default size OnTextChanged
– Fixed password Text Field triggering OnFocus twice
– Many more bug fixes


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