Axure RP Beta Update

Here it is the release candidate! We’ve turned off the beta flag and fixed up most of the more heinous bugs. We’ll do some more optimization and a few more (always more) bug fixes, but this is starting to look very similar to how the final release will look. We hope you like the new UI tweaks!

File format once again got upped, so hold off updating if you are using on-premises Axure until your admin updates the on-prem server.

Axure RP

– Added Getting Started Tour
– Smarter animations for toggle show/hide and set state
– Nicer page previews
– Easier to select very small Widgets (less than 10px)
– Added [[widget.rotation]]
– Allow set opacity on Dynamic Panels and Groups through Ix

– Upped the file format version (on-prem should wait for admin to update server)
– Group fixes (no-op rotate, animations, hide/show, push/pull, footnotes)
– Dynamic Panel fixes (check out, pinned, outline, show sketch, show, scrollbars)
– Master fixes (hidden, repeater, showing group, break away)
– Repeater fixes (opacity, copy/paste, editing, unplaced group, selected, check out)
– Custom Shape fixes (editing, inner shadow, transparent border, round all points)
– Connector fixes (straight/curved, points, rendering, auto reflow, convert to image)
– Style fixes (duplicates, Ix, dragging preview, legacy, update/undo, typeface, paste)
– Adaptive fixes (text placement, line styles, mobile, backgrounds, table/menu/tree, Ix)
– Print fixes (guides, landscape, margins)

– Fixed opening popups with pen tablets (Wacom/Cintiq/Intuos)
– Fixed OS X 10.11 dialog focus issues causing apparent stalls
– Fixed losing styles/notes/variables when getting changes that deleted some
– Fixed expired token preventing getting Axure Share Libraries
– Fixed not including Widget OnLoad cases in Specification
– Fixed footnote rendering in Word Specification
– Fixed speech bubble and drop text locations
– Fixed Group/Dynamic Panel/Master/Repeater editing in outline
– Fixed editing Connect Pt on Images and Snapshots
– Fixed raised events remaining when break away Master
– Fixed saving local variables in Rotate action
– Fixed rotating with non center anchor moving Widget
– Fixed moving boundaries for multi animations
– Fixed bold/italic and typeface on IxStyles
– Fixed very small (1px) Widgets in HTML
– Fixed OnSelected for Trees
– Fixed Text Fields/Text Areas reset to default size OnTextChanged
– Fixed password Text Field triggering OnFocus twice
– Many more bug fixes


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