Axure RP Update

Axure RP Update
8/30/2016 – Bug Fixes

– Optimized HTML page load
– Optimized Groups in HTML
– Optimized Repeaters in HTML
– Optimized Adaptive Views in HTML
– Optimized switching Dynamic Panel states in editor
– Optimized Group heavy files in editor
– Minor general optimization across editor
– Preview Widgets while editing interactions in the Case Editor
– Preserving image format when imported from drag on Mac
– Selecting a Widget Style only reverts overridden properties
– Cropping bounds defaults to image size

– Fixed needing a restart after bad AxShare upload attempt
– Fixed dragging Widgets behind locked Widgets
– Fixed editing font family for a portion of text
– Fixed editing arrows on sub AVs
– Fixed copy/paste on locked Groups
– Fixed guides disappearing on base view
– Fixed legacy Table alignments
– Fixed issues deleting Widget Styles
– Fixed OnPageLoad in Word Specification
– Fixed page preview after editing Panel State
– Many more rendering, annoyances and error fixes

– Fixed Password Text Field on Android
– Fixed non default states on DPs showing during page load
– Fixed gradual shifting of anchor points on move
– Fixed resizing objects in Groups firing Group OnResize
– Fixed Table resizing inside Group
– Fixed triggering OnMove for slide animation
– Fixed arrow heads on slide animation
– Fixed certain lines with arrows blurry
– Many more fixes to HTML, Interactions and Widgets

– Repeater fixes (OnItemLoad, copy to AV, images, size, Master)
– Custom Shape fixes (arrows, half circle, pie, shadows, small size)
– Snapshot fixes (DP, Master, Repeater, Shapes, Bring to Front)
– Team Project fixes (upgrading, creation, connection error)
– Connector fixes (routing, moving, groups, end points, optimization)


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2016-7-4 10:06:26


Axure RP Beta Update

2016-10-15 18:19:09

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