Axure RP Beta Update


Axure RP Beta Update
10/13/2016 - Bug Fixes

- Optimized panel state and page switching
- Optimized text editing and generating
- Optimized js requests for generated HTML
- Optimized Adaptive View switching
- Optimized autosave for backups
- Nicer save dialog for exporting images
- Slice and crop image lines easier to see
- Show file name for save/close on exit
- Show caret in light color when typing on dark Widget

- Fixed Widgets shifting by a pixel on move and resize at zoom
- Fixed crop rectangle resizing at zoom
- Fixed grid when zooming on Mac
- Fixed editing page styles on AVs
- Fixed location of checkout page button
- Fixed sampling colors from external monitor at different DPI
- Fixed some issues editing Repeater data sets
- Fixed issue editing Ix on pages with deeply nested groups
- Fixed error after pasting Show/Hide action in Case Editor
- Fixed error pasting Raise Event action onto non Master Widget
- Fixed error using hot key to enter Connector Pt mode on Group
- Fixed error using Remove from Pages to remove Master in Group
- Fixed dragging a Text Link directly
- Fixed an issue accepting some license keys
- Fixed retaining ASE server after switching licensed versions
- Fixed saving spell check replacements
- Fixed saving undo/redo of Ix edits
- Fixed multiple legacy file loading issues
- Fixed multiple minor UI and invalidation issues and errors

- Fixed fuzzy dotted/dashed lines
- Fixed some form elements for Sketch
- Fixed scrollbars on iFrames
- Fixed some Roboto Thin issues in the HTML
- Fixed same image used on grayscale and regular page
- Fixed Cursor.x for centered HTML pages
- Fixed console issue from resizing center pinned DP
- Fixed area is over for center pinned 100% DPs
- Fixed multiple HTML generation errors

- Repeater fixes (Fit, size, show/hide, push/pull, DP, Snapshot, Group, borders)
- Snapshot fixes (Repeater, DP, Group, Master, AV, Ix, text, "this", scroll to, fire)
- Group fixes (hidden, Master, Ix, IE, OnFocus, AV, slide, flip, set size)
- Connector fixes (flow diagram, sketch, spacing, Group, resize, end points)
- Print fixes (background, shadows)
- Spec fixes (footnotes, iFrames, OnPageLoad, OnLoad, Repeater, Masters)
Axure RP Update
9/29/2016 - Bug Fixes

- Fixed error clicking Getting Started Tour from Welcome Screen
Axure RP Update
9/29/2016 - Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue adding extension keys

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