Axure RP 正式版更新日志


Axure RP Update
3/31/2017 - Bug Fixes

- Optimized editing, adding, moving Widgets
- Optimized rendering and invalidation
- Optimized selection
- Optimized switching to Axure
- Optimized large tables
- Optimized generated HTML

- Convert SVGs into Shapes
- Previewing area selection
- Made Mac scrolling smoother
- Show Guide locations in Ruler

- Fixed macOS 10.12 Touch Bar error waking from sleep
- Fixed a crash on specific Windows machines using dropper to select text color
- Fixed an occasional crash waking on PC with multiple instances open
- Fixed issue with '~' in email address for logins
- Fixed issues pasting from new Adobe Illustrator versions
- Fixed text caret rendering in Feedback dialog
- Fixed error dragging image with special characters in name
- Fixed "Fit diagram to single sheet" print option on PC
- Fixed printing with margins cutting elements
- Fixed invalidation issues previewing/editing shadows
- Fixed scrolling after renaming page or Master
- Fixed error adding state to collapsed Dynamic Panel
- Fixed error with missing Master from legacy files
- Fixed pixel shifts from legacy files
- Fixed Widgets not updating size after using "Replace All"
- Fixed undo after switching Inspector tabs
- Fixed extreme lag choosing color dropper on some Win setups
- Fixed reverting styling when clicking in front of text
- Fixed style overriding when hitting Enter to select new style
- Fixed style when copying Widget from an Adaptive View
- Fixed resizing issues on tables, menus and trees
- Fixed not allowing adding variables in team
- Fixed Repeater OnItemLoad when exporting to image
- Fixed bad image paths on Repeaters with many images
- Fixed more legacy, loading and generating errors

- Fixed reusing logo image in pages of the file
- Fixed scroll to Widget in DP shown with animation
- Fixed OnFocus firing multiple times when moving Widget in Group
- Fixed double spacing when using .replace
- Fixed text with multiple alignments on paragraphs
- Fixed Repeater border/padding on size changes (FF/IE)
- Fixed OnMouseEnter moving Widget in Group firing multiple times (Edge)
- Many more generated HTML fixes

- Custom Shape fixes (errors, editing, rendering, break apart, bracket, shadow, rotation)
- Connector fixes (naming, editing, arrows, editing, hidden, editing points)
- Group fixes (Ix, slide, resize, empty, delete, undo, paste styling)
- Dynamic Panel fixes (repeater, master, pinned, is over area, order, background)
- Repeater fixes (rendering, editing, radio, group, push/pull, Ix, variables, OnItemLoad)
- Snapshot fixes (Repeater, DPs, Masters, fire event, hide, AV)
- Ix fixes (animation, conditions, fire event, this.text, Group)


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