Axure RP Beta Update 8/18/2017 – Bug Fixes


Axure RP Beta Update
8/18/2017 - Bug Fixes

- Fixed pasting Widgets as images to other applications
- Fixed scrolling in some trees
- Fixed error closing the expression builder dialog after opening through external link
- Fixed blurry dashed lines
- Fixed some SVG conversions
- Fixed exporting images always saving as larger bitmaps
- Fixed error printing page with image
- Fixed an issue showing an Outline preview while previewing a style change
- Fixed losing transparent fills when opening and closing color picker
- Fixed some placeholder rendering issues
- Fixed Repeater previewing issues
- Fixed some issues generating Specification with Repeaters

- Allow decimals in Loc and Size editor to enable scaling math
- Fixed guide location when updating panel location while editing panel
- Focus editor after changing zoom level
- Stopped beep when editing Repeater data on Mac
- Fixed disabled and selected rendering in Specification

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