Axure RP Update 8/24/2017 – Version 8.1


Axure RP Update
8/24/2017 – Version 8.1

– Axure Share Team projects updates: clearer and more accurate team status of pages and masters shown in panes, including information about which user has a checkout; new team operations menu for pages and masters (non-SVN, 8.0 compatible)
– You can do arithmetic in numerical entry fields and can shift-arrow to increment/decrement 10px
– New widgets in Flow library
– Previewing for widget and page style changes while editing
– Added global spellcheck on Mac, improved inline spellcheck on Mac, improved spell check dialog on Windows
– Droplist widget “add many” button changed to “edit many” (includes your existing options)
– In the HTML, “Highlight interactive” includes widgets in groups when the group has interactivity
– Updated Alt menu shortcuts for Windows version
– Search fields in panes have buttons to clear entries
– See your account profile in the toolbar’s account features
– Use web fonts in snapshots on Axure Share
– Guides and slice marks stay small when zooming in
– API updated to include font typeface, weight, style, stretch; fixes for bold and italics
– Easier updating (after this one)


– General optimizations and speed improvements including: HTML generation, HTML, preview, widget selection in editor, undo/redo, tables, resizing, adaptive views, switching adaptive views, startup, SVG, memory use, team projects get/send changes, nudge or increment widget values, loading/creating files, widget text, styles, page/dp state switching, page opening, text editing, push/pull
– Repeater optimizations (and bug fixes) including: dataset editing, limited size of mouseover thumbnail image, better sorting of blank cells


– SVG import fixes including: better handling from Sketch (preserve name/text alignment/etc), preserve font and typeface, handle embedded images, better conversion of lines
– Copy from Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Illustrator CC and paste into RP
– Convert to Vector Shape fixes including: multiple lines of text becoming one paragraph instead of separate lines, text line spacing, preserve layers, internationalization, entities
– Vector shape bug fixes including: corners, outlines, bracket shape, arrowheads, rotation, control points, editing errors, big widgets, uniting lines, dashed lines, opacity, resizing


– Masters fixes including: OnWindowScrollUp and OnWindowScrollDown in masters
– HTML fixes including: mouseover styling, javascript errors, widget notes, move action, line spacing, animations (flip/slide/dynamic panel resize), removed extra invisible border padding on tables/trees/menus, scroll to widget with animation in dynamic panel, set opacity on already-transparent widgets, hide radio/check with animation, inline frame borders in adaptive views, hide after “wait” animation in Firefox, rotate action, show in sidebar the notes on widgets in a repeater, group location/size
– HTML bug fixes on mobile including: double-clicks and disabled, file loading, optimization for groups
– Editor bug fixes including: groups, slice, styles, zoom/scroll, interactions, legacy file fixes, adaptive views and raised events in libraries, fuzzy icons in toolbar, guides on zoom, undo/redo, z-index reordering after undo/redo, Surface Pro 4, sketchy on small shapes, dynamic panel opacity, text links in adaptive views, snapshot ix, repeater interactions in snapshots, snap to guides includes all guide types, snap to guides in dynamic panels, guide location in dp after moving dp, speech bubble widget, nudge in toolbar for multiselection, changing zoom level with scroll, footnotes on unplaced widgets, repeating background images, images with color profiles causing lagging loading/scrolling in libraries pane, duplicated “lock to location” masters can be added to the same page, opening preview when choosing Safari browser on some OS versions, big triangles, print, generate, error beep when editing Repeater data
– Word specification fixes including: disabled style in spec, adaptive view text styling in spec, creating new word spec template opens the new template, fixed opening the template when editing it
– Accounts fixes including: subscription users after changing password

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