Axure RP Update


Axure RP Update
11/10/2017 - Update & Bug Fixes

- Updated Icon library and added categories
- Fixed macOS 10.13 multiple dock icons
- Fixed macOS 10.13 shift scrolling

- Fixed some issues with proxy and startup
- Fixed duplicating a Panel State containing a Repeater
- Fixed error opening Widget Style Manager with no pages open
- Fixed some AVs not matching from imported libraries
- Fixed some issues converting SVG to shape
- Fixed some shapes copied from Sketch incorrectly combining
- Fixed adding and loading bullets on blank text
- Fixed error resizing table with Text Link
- Fixed error from '\n' somehow getting into a Text Link
- Fixed Toggle Left/Right toolbar buttons when in overflow
- Fixed an error generating Spec with legacy DPs
- Fixed pen tool potentially overwriting Shape style
- Fixes for Font Weight on Mac
- Fixes for live editing previews

- Fixed some images not rendering in the HTML
- Fixed error pushing some edge combinations of Widgets in HTML
- Fixed js error enabling a Group with Unplaced Widgets in HTML
- Fixed alignment of Checkbox and Radio Button in HTML
- Fixed selected styling of Widgets in Repeaters in HTML
- Fixed issues with images in Repeaters
- Fixed autosizing in non-refreshed Repeaters
- Fixed some improper wrapping in Tree Widgets

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