Axure RP Beta 更新日志

2021年5月25日,Axure发布了一个9.0的beta更新。说明官方还是继续会维护Axure RP 9的。可以在软件上检查升级,选中beta测试选项,就可以获取更新了。


Axure RP Beta更新日志
5/25/2021 –错误修复和改进
–改进了渲染大图像的性能(超过4096×4096 px);
最后给Axure RP 10打了个广告。

Axure RP Beta Update
5/25/2021 – Bug Fixes & Improvements
– Improved performance rendering large images (over 4096×4096 px)
– Improved performance copying images to RP with the Figma plugin
– Fixed very large images appearing blurry on the canvas on Windows
– Fixed very large pages appearing blurry in screenshots of Word specifications on Windows
– Fixed error after pressing Enter from empty node in tree widget
– Fixed option for Set Selected/Set Error interactions resetting when changing target widget
– Fixed selecting a checkbox or radio button in a group/panel set to toggle its selected state
– Fixed incorrect cursor x,y values in the HTML on Windows touchscreen devices
-Axure RP 10 is now available!-
Download a free trial of RP 10 by visiting RP 9 will continue to work independently of your RP 10 trial.


Axure RP发布新版本兼容macOS Big Sur 11.0.1

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